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The company, which until January 2024 was known as lyntia Access, connects more than 615,000 customers, the highest among neutral wholesale fibre operators, in the 2.8 million homes where it provides FTTH services.

elanta is a key player in sector consolidation: in three years, the company has completed more than 130 FTTH network acquisitions, successfully combining inorganic and organic growth.

elanta, an Antin Infrastructure Partners portfolio company is the leading Spanish neutral wholesale provider in terms of number of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) customers using its networks, connecting more than 615,000 customers across over 2.8 million homes passed.

With a network of more than 54,000 kilometres of FTTH in 38 Spanish provinces and 711 municipalities, elanta has built its success on its strong presence in medium-sized towns and cities on the east coast and in the south of Spain, with very attractive demographic and economic growth dynamics.

The company has more connected households in its network than any other neutral wholesale operator and is very well positioned for further expansion.

“Our goal is to be the partner of choice of telecom operators as they optimise capital spend as part of their ongoing roll-out of 5G and Fibre-to-the-Home deployments over the coming years”, said Eduardo Taulet, Executive Chairman of elanta.



With corporate and residential offers of up to 10 Gbps, elanta is also a leader in the provision of super high-speed Internet (XGSPON). Over nine out of ten homes on its FTTH network have this cutting-edge technology available.

elanta has a scalable business model that combines the deployment of its own FTTH networks with the acquisition of networks directly or in partnership with third parties. elanta has a diversified customer portfolio of strong national, regional and local operators, and more than 95% of its revenues are secured through long-term recurring contracts.

When acquiring existing third-party networks, elanta upgrades and integrates the network, bringing it to best-in-class industry standards with multi-operator capacity in XGSPON for corporate and residential profiles and excellent backhaul connectivity.

“We want to contribute to the economic and social development of the places where we operate by offering very fast connections to people and businesses through state-of-the-art, open and neutral networks”, says Andrea Liboreiro, CEO of elanta.



elanta, thanks to its in-depth industry knowledge, has developed and implemented a successful, industrialised and well-structured M&A process that makes it the industry leader in this type of operation. elanta has completed more than 130 network acquisitions, either alone or in collaboration with reference partners.

Since Antin acquired elanta in 2018, the company has grown its footprint from 150,000 homes passed, 655 km of fibre, 21,000 connected customers and 2 million euros revenues to a company with more than 2.8 million homes passed, 54,000 km of fibre, 615,000 connected customers and 80 million revenues.



elanta, known as Lyntia Access until January 2024, is the leading wholesale provider of residential and corporate fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) access services for telecom operators in Spain in terms of connected customers. It has a network that reaches over 2.8 million homes, with more than 615,000 connected customers. elanta also stands out for its leadership in the provision of super high-speed Internet (XGSPON) of up to 10 Gbps symmetrical available in nine out of ten homes on its network.

Owned by Antin Infrastructure Partners, elanta has positioned itself as a key industry player in recent years by developing and executing an industrialised M&A process that has led to 130 network acquisitions in the last three years to become the leading platform it is today. elanta closed 2023 with revenues of more than 80 million. For more information please visit: www.elanta.com



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