ESG policy

Última actualización: Enero 2024
ESG policy


At elanta, what defines our actions is our desire to link communities and bring people together, and we do it with quality and confidence.

This ESG policy states the principles that demonstrate elanta‘s commitment to developing a neutral, transparent, sustainable, ethical and responsible company.


The principles of integrity, neutrality, responsibility, transparency and balance guide our actions.

At elanta we have a responsibility to contribute to safe and fair communication that enables better social development.


Integrity is essential for us. All employees, supplier managers and customers interested in working with elanta must adhere to and comply with our Code of Ethics.


elanta is an independent neutral operator providing wholesale services to operators. We believe in net neutrality, its openness and accessibility as a cornerstone for connecting communities and bringing people together.


At elanta, we recognise the important of providing telecommunications services. We carry out our work with excellence and consistency, remaining true to our values and fulfilling our obligations to third parties and ourselves.


The only way we know how to communicate is to do so in a clear, cooperative and friendly manner. At elanta, we are committed to honestly and appropriately transmitting all the information we need to communicate internally and externally.


At elanta, we are committed to working responsibly and to ensure that we maintain the balance between economic growth, environmental protection and social justice.


Governing sustainability

Good corporate governance is the fundamental pillar for the fulfillment of our principles. We commit to and work towards:

Overseeing compliance with our Code of Ethics, internal policies, and applicable legislation by our employees, suppliers, and clients.
Monitoring and periodically updating our crime prevention model, code of ethics, and internal regulations to stay at the forefront of regulatory compliance and good governance recommendations.
Respecting privacy and ensuring the security of information.
Monitoring and reporting key ESG issues and indicators to the Board.

Social sustainability

At elanta, we are responsible for facilitating the connection of people through our fibre. Our employees, clients, and suppliers are essential to creating a committed organisation and promoting inclusive progress. Our goal is to enhance the social sustainability and equity of our company to improve its positive impact on society. We commit to and work towards:

Respecting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work adopted by the International Labour Organisation.
Participating in social projects that encourage the integration of individuals and promote improved communication.
Promoting a healthy life plan by implementing measures to protect the health, safety, and well-being of the people we work with.
Fostering diversity, understanding that it enriches us.
IPromoting training and awareness for the prevention of discrimination and workplace harassment, whether sexual or based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or gender expression.
Actively assisting employees in continuing their professional development within the organisation through various training programmes.
Advocating for measures supporting the balance between family and work life and digital disconnection.
Demanding compliance with our environmental, social, and corporate governance policies from our suppliers.

At elanta, we are aware that we depend on material resources to carry out our activities. As part of society, we commit to actively working towards making efficient use of these resources. We commit to and work towards:

Analysing our impact on climate change and developing measures to reduce, offset, and neutralize our carbon footprint.
Monitoring energy consumption and increasing energy efficiency in our activities.
Promoting respect for the ecosystem and raising awareness of the importance of its care.
Reduce, recycle, and reuse.


We are determined to fulfil these voluntary commitments and, therefore, have mechanisms in place to ensure that our business activities align with them.

We keep the Board of Directors informed of all relevant ESG indicators to ensure their implementation.

Compliance with our Code of Ethics, Privacy Policies, Information Security, and Protocols for the prevention of workplace harassment, sexual harassment, and harassment based on sexual orientation is supervised and monitored by our Compliance Officer with a direct report to the Board of Directors.